Episcopal Diocese of Virginia
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Board List


Ericka Masias-Campos

President, Diocese of Virginia (2022-2024)

South Farifax Region


Kay Holmes

Vice President for Programs (2024-2026)

West Richmond Region


Jodie Pully

Vice President, Administration (2023-2025)

ECW Past President (2015-2017)

Website Coordinator (appointed 2021)


Kaaron Sue Austin

Treasurer (2021-2023)

Central Richmond Region


Cindy Helton

Recording Secretary (2022-2024)

Immediate Past ECW President, Diocese of VA (2018-2021)

Fredericksburg Region


Beblon Parks

Nominations Committee Chair (appointed 2023-2025)

Liaison to Province III (appointed 2024)

ECW Past President (2009-2011)

Central Richmond Region


Kathy Jimerson

Gifts and Scholarships Chair (2021-2024)

Acting Regional Coordinator, North Richmond

North Richmond Region


The Rev. Katherine Ferguson

ECW Chaplain

Regional Coordinator, Alexandria

Alexandria Region


Paulette Yates

Prayer and Worship Chair (appointed 2024)

Central Richmond Region


Phenie Golatt

Church Periodical Club Chair (2022-2023)

UTO Coordinator (2024) Acting

Central Richmond Region


Jeannie Palin

Ecumenical/Social Justice Chair (2023-2025)

Regional Coordinator, Charlottesville Region

Charlottesville Region


Catherine Perrin

Data Management (appointed 2015)

Central Richmond Region


Connie Brady

Display Ministries Chair (appointed 2024)

Fredericksburg Region


Mary Holly Bigelow

Regional Coordinator West Richmond Region

West Richmond Region


Ruth Green

Regional Coordinator Northern Neck Region (appointed 2018)

Northern Neck Region


Dale Brittle

Regional Coordinator Fredericksburg Region

Fredericksburg Region


Joyce Fall

Regional Coordinator Arlington Region

Arlington Region


Jayne Feminella

Regional Coordinator Central Richmond Region

Central Richmond Region


Anna Lou Flynn

Regional Coordinator ( Southern Shenandoah Valley and Winchester Regions)

Charlottesville Region


Joni Langevoort

Regional Coordinator

North Fairfax Region


Suzanne Klipfel

Regional Coordinator, Northern Piedmont Region (appointed 2024)

Northern Piedmont Region


Lucinda “Cindy” McLaughlin

Regional Coordinator, South Fairfax

South Fairfax Region