Episcopal Diocese of Virginia
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Chronicals of ECW 1890-1959



Places of Annual Meetings


1890   St. Paul's Church, Norfolk                                    

1891   Grace Church, Petersburg

1892   Epiphany Church, Danville

1893   Christ Church, Winchester

1894   Monumental Church, Richmond     

1895   Christ Church, Charlottesville

1896   St. Paul's Church, Alexandria

1897   St. George's Church, Fredericksburg

1898   Christ Church, Winchester

1899   St. Paul's Church, Richmond

1900   St. James' Church, Warrenton

1901   St. Paul's Church, Richmond

1902   Christ Church, Winchester

1903   St. James' Church, Leesburg

1904   St. Paul's Church, Alexandria

1905   St. George's Church, Fredericksburg

1906   Holy Trinity Church, Richmond

1907   Christ Church, Charlottesville

1908   St. James' Church, Warrenton

1909   Grace Church, Berryville

1910   Christ Church, Alexandria

1911   All Saints Church, Richmond

1912   Christ Church, Winchester

1913   Trinity Church, Fredericksburg

1914   St. James' Church, Leesburg

1915   Christ Church, Alexandria

1916   St, James' Church, Richmond

1917   Christ Church, Charlottesville

1918   No Meeting

1919   St. James' Church, Warrenton

1920   Grace Church, Berryville

1921   Monumental Church, Richmond

1922   Christ Church, Winchester

1923   St. George's Church, Fredericksburg

1924   St. James' Church, Leesburg

1925 The Falls Church, Fall Church


1926 St. Paul's Church, Alexandria

1927   St. Paul's Church, Richmond

1928   St. Paul's Church, University of Virginia

1929   Grace Church, The Plains

1930   Grace Church, Berryville

1931   Grace & Holy Trinity Church, Richmond

1932   St. James' Church, Warrenton

1933   Christ Church, Winchester

1934   St. George's Church and Trinity Church, Fredericksburg

1935   St. James' Church, Richmond

1936   Christ Church, Alexandria

1937   Christ Church, Charlottesville

1938   No Meeting

1939   Grace & Holy Trinity Church, Richmond

1940   St. James' Church, Warrenton

1941   Christ Church, Winchester

1942   St. George's Church and Trinity Church, Fredericksburg

1943   All Saints Church, Richmond

1944   St. Stephen's Church, Richmond

1945   No Meeting

1946   St. Paul's Church, Richmond

1947   St. James' Church, Richmond

1948   St. Paul's Church, Alexandria

1949   Christ Church, Winchester

1950   St. George's Church and Trinity Church, Fredericksburg

1951   Christ Church, Charlottesville

1952   Grace Holy Trinity Church, Richmond

1953   Christ Church, Alexandria

1954   St. Mark's Church, Richmond

1955   St. Luke's Church, Wellington Alexandria

1956   St. Thomas' Church, Alexandria

1957   St. Stephen's Church, Winchester

1958   Christ Church, Winchester

1959   St. James' Church, Richmond



Presidents of the Virginia Branch of the Woman's Auxiliary1890 -93:


*Miss Salllie Stuart, Christ Church, Alexandria      

*Miss Louisa T. Davis, St. James', Leesburg                            

*Mrs. Robert T. Barton, Christ Church, Winchester

*Mrs. John H. Guy (Kitty), St. Paul's Richmond      

*Mrs. Harrison Wellford, St. John's Warsaw                           

*Mrs. Henry P. Taylor, St. Paul's Essex County       

*Mrs. Garland S. Sydnor (Kate), St. Stephen's, Richmond                          


                              *   Deceased