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Excerpts from the 2015 Grant Requests


"St. Peter's Community Kitchen Expansion"

The purpose of the project is "To upgrade our kitchen in order to streamline our current food ministries and to create new food ministries that serve as bridges to the surrounding community. The nearest grocery stores are over ten miles away and the area has no public transportation. In the past three years, we have expanded our outreach food ministry by preparing and serving Community Dinners for people in the Port Royal area in order to address the issues of food deprivation and to promote the social interaction of various groups in the area. Our goal is to hold these dinners in our own Parish House ....Each month, we hold a food distribution and distribute approximately 600 pounds of fresh produce to area residents. We want to add a cooking component to this distribution, held in our kitchen, and teach people how to prepare recipes using the produce we distribute...."


"Vehicle for the Rt. Rev. Wilson Kamani, Diocese of Ibba, South Sudan"

"...Bishop Wilson is in charge of a diocese that is large in geography but is situated in an incredibly rural part of South Sudan. His parishes are spread out and some of them are on roads that are not much more than foot paths. During the rainy season, some of those parishes are not reachable at all. Bishop Wilson has been without a vehicle for more than a year. He is forced to take public transportation or hire a vehicle (at $100/day, which he cannot afford) just to do parish visits and confirmations. Even if his parishes are troubled--some have been attacked by the LRA- he is not able to visit them to provide pastoral care. He must hire a vehicle (which he cannot afford), take a bus (which might not even pass by the troubled parish) or go by foot."

"...In addition to church duties, a vehicle would also be available to provide emergency transportation when necessary. Ibba is about 50 miles from the nearest proper hospital via a road that, during the rainy season, can take three or more hours to navigate. The medical resources in Ibba itself are extremely limited..."