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Church Periodical Club

Our new CPC Chair for the Diocese of Virginia is

Phenie Golatt, St Philip's, Richmond.


The Church Periodical club began in 1888 at the Church of the Holy Communion in New York City by Mary Ann Drake Fargo and a small group of women. They sent church periodicals, prayer books and Bibles on the Wells Fargo stage coach Lines to missionaries in the Dakotas. Now this gift of reading materials has changed in the form of the material and grants are now sent to people around the world. There is a strong belief in the value of this mission by Episcopal Church Women across the country.

The CPC has been an independent agency affiliated with the Episcopal Church since early in the 1970's. It operates with one part-time employee and completely on voluntary funds.

The ministry of CPC is providing grants for books and related materials, audio and video tapes, CD's and software, to persons all over the world who have no other way to get them. From the numbers of grant applications received each year by the National Books Fund and the Miles of Pennies it is safe to say the ministry is needed.

The Church Periodical Club is set up much like the national church with four levels of organization - national, provincial, diocesan and parish. National officers, province representatives, diocesan directors and parish chairmen who are all volunteers, raise money, publicize the funds and recruit more Christians to Proclaim Christ through the printed word.

For means to finance the operation, pay the office administrator, buy stamps and stationery, keep promotional materials up to date and publish a quarterly newsletter to tell about the ministry and who it helps, it has friends. Contributions sent by parishes, missions, clergy, individuals, Episcopal Church Women, Guilds and others interested in furthering this ministry keep the CPC in business.  Pennies must keep rolling in year round to keep the Miles of Pennies Fund available to give grants for children's programs at home and abroad.